Top 20 UK shoots
— Shooting Gazette 2015


  • Offers a mix of testing drives from fascinating topography.

  • Famous for its driven partridge providing high, challenging birds.

  • Mixture of surroundings from moorland edge, wooded valleys and open fields.

  • Impressive Exmoor views even for seasoned shooters.

  • Lunch using finest ingredients from surrounding countryside. Home cured meats, cheese from our farm, show stopping mains.


Estate owner Linley Williams established Edgcott some 25 years ago and Loyton was asked to manage the shoot on behalf of a syndicate in 2007, establishing the driven partridge for which it is now famed. Situated in the heart of the Exmoor countryside, the shoot offers a good mix of testing drives. Its family origins have set an enduring precedent at Edgcott, bringing a very special atmosphere to this impressive and convivial shoot. Linley preserves the character and personal standards of the shoot and will be out hosting the days regularly. 
Coveys of partridge and pheasant are flushed out to spectacular effect and these high birds are a pleasure to watch and a test to bring down. Guns find themselves in a mixture of surroundings from moorland edge, wooded valleys and open fields. The views throughout the day are impressive for even the seasoned Exmoor shooter.
Although a sizeable operation Edgcott has a comparatively reduced programme to some other of the Exmoor shoots.  This enables us to produce days of a conservative size through the whole season, offering the opportunity to shoot in November and December to a wider audience.


Blacklands Lane, Rocky Field, Buckworthy, Chibbets.


 Nick Porter takes over as head keeper for 2018/ 19. He has helped expertly develop the shoot over previous years adding some fantastic new drives, one of which is almost too difficult!


Edgcott farm has a uniquely laid back and continental feel and as such the lunches are a showcase of the finest ingredients from surrounding countryside, prepared with as little fuss as possible. Being the hub of chef Tom’s culinary operations, you can expect plenty of home cured meats, salamis and pickles. The lunches have a little drama to impress, some of which are carved at the table - whole suckling pigs, shoulders of lamb baked in hay, and côtes de boeuf in bone marrow butter, alongside freshly made pastas, breads and maybe even some goats cheese from the farm itself. Expect elevenses like barbequed mini pheasant burgers served from the Landrover Series 90, purpose-built bar.