Summer sea bass recipe


These Summer days we’ve been enjoying lately might be inspiring you to start planning your next get together, perhaps a summer lunch when the sun is shining and the rosé is nicely chilled!

Entertaining at lunchtime should be a relaxed affair so here is a simple BBQ idea that will allow you to spend little time prepping and more time relaxing and catching up with good friends.

BBQ' ing is the obvious choice for outdoor dining and cooking over coals adds a great flavour, so keep it simple and let the ingredients speak for themselves. Here I've chosen to BBQ a whole sea bass; a meaty fish with a delicate flavour.


1- Ask your fishmonger to scale and gut the fish unless of course you're happy to do it yourself or even better, have caught it yourself.

2- Stuff the cavity with aromatic ingredients and herbs; here I have used fennel, lemons, dill... All trimmings from the side salads, which would be a shame to waste.

3 - Now simply tie up the fish with butcher string along the body as shown - this will help keep the shape and stop the fish from falling apart on the BBQ.


4- This sea bass took about 30 mins on a prepared bed of coals. Treat the BBQ like an oven, by closing the lid between flipping the fish, this will help it cook more evenly. If you don't have a lid keep the fish slightly to the side of the BBQ where there is less heat to have the same effect.

5 - Cooking on a fire is about using your senses to judge how things are going. If it looks like it's burning move it away from the direct heat.


6- The fish is cooked when the meat pulls easily from the bone (internal temperature if you have a thermometer will be between 54°C and 57°C)

7- Let the fish rest while you finish plating your salads.

8 - Serve with simple summer salads that you love and that allow you the maximum time at the table for drinking wine and chilling out!


I served the sea bass with these salads:

- Potato / eggs / lardons / sea herbs

- Heritage tomatoes / buratta / dried olives / basil

- Raw shaved fennel with olive oil and salt

- Tender stem broccoli, simply charred on the BBQ with anchovies and breadcrumbs

- Broad beans - also charred on the BBQ so the broad beans steam within the pods


- Chef Adam