The eXmoor factor


Wow, what a few months!!!

Being true to my British heritage, I must start this entry complaining about the weather – thankfully queueing has not quite reached Exmoor yet.

We have had the most challenging weather Exmoor has witnessed for many a year – one day in Challacombe in April, planting willow trees for extended game cover, James and Tom had all available weather in 8 hours – sun, fog, hail, snow, rain, and thunder!

As we are counting down the weeks to release of our poults to wood, I was asked “what am I up to at the moment?” – the response, like the majority of our teams currently, was “running on Golden Virginia, sarcasm, with intermittent late evening infusions of alcohol” – whilst on GV – thanks my two recent Backy Barons – AB & AB – your donations have been gratefully rolled.

In a nutshell, our teams are flat out whilst the weather is on our side, and I would like to publicly thank all our network of suppliers for constantly going above and beyond, keeping our teams continuously fed with materials as required, often last minute. Whilst in gratuitous mode – thank you and sorry to our insurer, whom I recently pretended to be a representative of “the Chelsea STI clinic, calling to discuss the positive test result” – thankfully he has a sense of humour and our policy is still valid.


Whilst the weather has been the anchor of progression to the pace our teams are used to, it is a testament that ALL our estate teams have knuckled down and got the out of season improvement and expansions nearly done and dusted every estate and its team have all worked their rear ends off, to improve our existing portfolio of drives and pens, improving the habitat and environment for our game birds, but also to add something new, that they will be proud to show off to our clients this coming season – our own eXmoor Factor!

A huge thanks to our guys and girls on the ground – you are amazing – this encompasses all of our landowners and tenants, whose support is vital to what we do (especially given the best of British challenging weather), but also to our keepers – I appreciate I am biased, but I do believe we have the best in the game on “Team Loyton”.

Stephanie Osmond