Summer Alchemy


Sometimes summer evenings just necessitate a cocktail. For the weekend we want to introduce you to our NEW seasonal concoction, the Gin Dill Sours. If summer was condensed to a taste, then this could be it’s essence, served Straight Up in a cocktail glass! Garden cucumber and a fresh dill syrup work some kind of garden alchemy once shaken with gin and lemon - a little cocktail magic to enhance these summer nights! And if you can’t drop by to the Lodge to try one of ours, be sure to recreate this recipe at home! Here’s how..


Ingredients FOR THE COCKTAIL (makes 2)

  • a few sprigs of dill (have an extra few as a garnish too)

  • a quarter of a cucumber, roughly diced

  • 100ml of you favourite gin

  • 50ml fresh lemon juice

  • 35ml dill syrup ( see recipe below)

Muddle the dill & cucumber at the bottom of the cocktail shaker before adding all of your ingredients. Shake over ice, then strain & pour into your chilled martini glasses.


  • 175g water

  • 175g caster sugar

  • 10g fresh dill

Bring water & sugar to a boil, take off the heat and add 10g of dill to infuse until totally cooled


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