St Patrick's Day Cocktails


Sunday 17 March - St Patrick’s Day! A day of religious and cultural celebration for the great patron saint of Ireland; and people the world over will be embracing the festive spirit! 

At Loyton Lodge we too enjoy the atmosphere and occasion of St Patrick’s Day - last year we held our very own ceilidh with the great ‘Shelanagig’ in attendance, the snow thickly falling outside… This year, we felt cocktails were the order of the day - there is nothing better we enjoy than conjuring up a cocktail for our guests and party-goers, whatever the event!  

Historically, on this day, the Lenten restrictions for drinking alcohol were lifted, so you may regard this as a permissible moment to temporarily waive your 40-day drinking abstinence.  And, if you are celebrating St Patrick this weekend, we think you should try one, or all three, of these classic cocktails which have each been given an Irish twist!

And really, who needs an excuse?!

To all our Irish friends we raise a glass and wish you a fantastic St Patrick’s Day!  And to all you merrymakers this weekend - Sláinte!



3 to 4 peels of fresh ginger

2 ounces of Irish whiskey

5 ounces of lime juice

add to a shaker full of ice and shake for a few minute

add the whiskey mix to a glass full of fresh ice

Top with 6 ounces of ginger beer

Garnish with a sprig of mint

Watch ouR step by step video FOr the irish mule:



Rim the glass with celery salt

1.5 ounces Vodka

3 ounces Tomato Juice

2 pinches celery salt

2 pinches pepper

3 dashes hot sauce

3 dashes Worcestershire sause

1 good squeeze Lemon

Stir all together

Add about 2 ounces Guinness

Garnish with a pickle, olives and a celery stick

Watch ouR step by step video FOr the Guinness bloody mary:



2 ounces Irish whiskey

1 ounce chilled Espresso

1 Tbsp Condensed Milk

Place the ingredients into a shaker without ice and stir

Once well incorporated add ice to the shaker

Shake well

Pour into a martini glass

Grate some fresh nutmeg over the top

Watch ouR step by step video FOr THE IRISH ESPRESSO MARTINI:

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