Our Suppliers

We are lucky to have such wonderful produce available to us both within the famous ’25-mile’ radius and in the wider West Country region. When the business started in 2003, we made the easy decision never to compromise on quality, and no better place is this apparent than in the food and wine we take pleasure and care in providing to our guests.  All our ingredients are local where possible and of the finest quality.  Please enjoy just a few of our most respected suppliers below.


POrlock oyters

Based in Porlock, only 20 miles from Loyton ...We are growing the finest Pacific Oysters for you to enjoy. And our oysters really are the best, we have attained the top A classification from the food standards agency. We are the only site in England and Wales to have this top classification for Pacific Oysters.

Heal Farm

Anne Petch has been in our business life since the start.  An inspiring woman who runs a farm of impeccable quality, prioritising top-standard animal welfare and promoting the survival of rare breeds.  With this standard she works only with farms in Devon and Cornwall of equal quality.  

Every order is placed with Anne directly and prepared specifically, so that Chef can discuss his exact requirements for hanging, cutting and packing.  Her devoted expertise and our long-standing working relationship ensures our complete confidence in the meat products supplied by Heal Farm.



The ‘Katie’ of this local farm is also a leading part of the Loyton team and heads the Finance Department!  Before she arrives to work and on her return at night, Katie is turning her hand to helping farm her stock of sheep, pigs, chickens and turkeys.  Truly sustainable, Katie delivers our fresh eggs daily, on her way to the office from Uffculme just 17 miles away. She also provides customers and staff with beautiful free-range meat and poultry. We love to hear her farming updates - a genuinely personal relationship with our supplier.  This means, happy chickens, happy customers, happy accounts!