Loyton lodge, one of the finest shoot accommodations in the whole of the UK and at the heart of this slick sporting operation.
— Shooting Gazette December 2015

Loyton Lodge

At Loyton we believe that accommodation and parties are almost as important as the shooting and are the ideal way to set you up the night before a good day in the field. The Lodge at Loyton was established and purpose built with this in mind and with 10 en-suite bedrooms, a large dining room, breakfast room, gun and billiard room plus plenty of room for dogs; it is the perfect shooting party house. Chef Adam Fanson creates menus tailored to your guests and the Loyton bar and cellar are exceptionally well stocked.

Molland House

Molland House is a Victorian farm house sitting at the heart of Molland Village and the Molland shoot which was completely renovated in the summer of 2018. It has10 ensuite bedrooms, a drawing room, dining room traditional and service kitchens and a brand new bar and games room extension. Chef JC Le Grand will be looking after shoot lunches and shooting parties and the house offers the excellent Loyton welcome and comforts across the board, including of course the all-important room for dogs.

Morebath Manor

We also manage the bookings for some fantastic additional houses and, while we take greatest pleasure in hosting at Loyton or Molland, are lucky enough to exclusively offer Morebath Manor too. No matter which accommodation suits you best, the personal service will be of the highest standard. The Loyton team will seamlessly manage your stay and you will be paid a warm welcome by your host in preparation for the day shooting.


We do have excellent relationships with many more local hotels and lodges including the impressive Bathealton Court. For those who are not looking to stay as a group or wish to accommodate a driver or loader we can happily recommend some good local pubs and B&Bs too.