Our clients and their enjoyment sit at the heart of what we do at Loyton and we’re very touched by the positive feedback we receive from them. Below are some of the kind words sent to us from friends.

Thank you so much for Saturday, we all thoroughly enjoyed it and are extremely appreciative of the efforts made by you and your team to make it what it was. It was my first day’s shooting in Somerset/Devon and it fulfilled every expectation with regard to height, speed and challenging nature of the birds. Your hospitality was also exemplary and your presence throughout the day greatly contributed to our enjoyment.
— JR, Combe Sydenham 8th December


Challacombe was amazing, with the reservoir being a highlight.
— JS, Gieves & Hawkes Roving Syndicate, Challacombe 8th September 2018


Despite the weather’s very best efforts we had two superb days at Edgcott on Friday and Molland on
Saturday. The shooting was very good. Henry was a really welcoming host and excellent company, as were the other guns.  The food was really super - hats off and a big thank you to all concerned.  I’m not a big desert person but the desert on Friday was so good!  Overall the two days exceeded my expectations even though the rain tried hard to dampen them! Molland yesterday in the pouring rain was great!
— BI, Gieves & Hawkes Roving Syndicate, Edgcott 21st and Molland 22nd September 2018


Last Saturday we had our annual trip to Challacombe and I wanted to let you know that once again we had a wonderful day. Linley hosted us very well and James the Keeper was very kind with the drive selection, showing us an array of fabulous shooting which everyone in the line enjoyed without exception.
— AS, Challacombe 20th October


Just thought I should tell you what a phenomenal day Saturday was at Challacombe. Those keepers and beaters poured and trickled and orchestrated the birds over the guns like nothing else!!I’m still buzzing! I even got the pheasant tattoo out!
— JL, Loader, Challacombe 27th October, (Matt Biker team)

A note to say how much we enjoyed the weekend . Molland House worked out perfectly. Comfortable, lashings of heat and refreshments and Rachel has given the house such a relaxed and unhurried air
We first shot at Molland some 38 years ago, and it was a great pleasure to look out over some of the old drives and remember them as if it was yesterday. Henrietta never missed a beat and was a wonderful influence. JC’s food was excellent, very varied and excellent breakfasts! We had four seriously good drives at Challacombe: it’s not often one has a day when it all slots into place. Exmoor is a magical part of the world: fog and rain in one moment and then a blast of wind and churning broken cloud the next and that’s when the moor opens itself up and you can see for miles. So it’s not difficult : we’re in for next year!
— JA, Molland House, Challacombe 10th November & and Edgcott 12 th November


Thank you so much for everything on the day, game keeper, beaters and of-course yourselves were
truly great hosts. Inter-drive drinks and nibbles amazing (particularly the game soup / meatballs). Honestly, I know how much hard work goes into every detail - it was a super day and I can only say a huge thank you to your team.
— NR, Guest Edgcott 22nd November


We had a very good day with you, you showed us some very challenging and sporting birds and the hospitality was first class.
— SB, Guest, Stuckeridge 6th December

We had a fantastic day at Molland, I really enjoyed everything from the birds, to the people there and not to mention the food. A wonderful experience which I will remember for a long time.
— AC, Molland 8th December

You have a slick operation running at Loyton. A deliciously comfortable lodge – proper pillows, every
kind of lotion and potion bathside and a somewhat “exotic” radio tuned into Radio 4! Then there was the well oiled shooting operation led by a charming host, supported by more pretty girls manning the best stocked NAFFI wagon and capped by high and worthy partridge, providing a target rich environment of epic proportions!
— NH-P, Gieves & Hawkes Roving Syndicate, Challacombe 8th September 2018

All members of the team did a great job in bright sun more suited to sunbathing on the beach than shooting but I wanted to let you know that lunch was in particular quite outstanding! I am lucky enough to eat a lot of shoot lunches and standards are generally getting better and better but Tom’s lunch today really was fantastic.
— JC, Guest, Challacombe 27th September 2018


Another roaring success.  Hugo received some lovely letters waxing lyrical about The Lodge, the dinner, the shoot (and team) and the sunshine!  As always, it is a real pleasure dealing with you all.
— HWW, Edgcott 28th September

A huge thank you to the whole team for a wonderful weekend and a day of glorious partridge and pheasant shooting at Edgcott.  The early morning mist cleared quickly revealing Exmoor at its best. Huge volumes of orchestrated birds flew over the guns and loaders, the weather was warm and sunny, we were fed and watered with delicious snacks/lunch frequently, what more could we have wanted?  Naturally the shooting was important and it was very well organised, all the helpers appearing from everywhere, but the most important thing and the hardest to get right is the atmosphere and making guests feel so welcome with such a smoothly operating team.  The whole team, gamekeeper, loaders, beaters, Tom and Suzy, Richard made us feel thoroughly welcome.  The icing on the cake was Richard hosting the event so professionally and it was wonderful to catch up with him.  It was great to show off Exmoor and English shooting at its best to my Finnish relatives.  They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Our son said that it was the best day of shooting that he has ever experienced (and he has been shooting in Finland and UK, lucky boy). So all in all we were so spoilt and had such a wonderful weekend.  I would recommend it to anyone interested in shooting as a fine example of how a shooting weekend is done incredibly well.
— LR +PR, Edgcott 20th October 2018


Just back from a day at Edgcott. Weather was awful. Fog and low cloud. It could have been a disaster. We were super impressed by the way that Nick and Linley turned the day into a treat. Nobody can control weather. Your team managed our expectations and a team of experienced guns had a lovely day notwithstanding the climatic challenges. They deserve a large “hoorah” and hopefully we gave them that. You have assembled a great team. Well done. We will come back for more.
— SC, Edgcott November 24th

A wonderful day’s shooting for our Belgians today at Stuckeridge, really well looked after by Lucien,
Richard & Georgie and ‘Hats Off’ to Robert for his first season as Head Keeper. Four great drives and copious 10’s, 11’s & 12’s to keep spirits up, and superb lunch of escalope de partridge and sublime lemon sabayon. Thanks so much for all your help and supporting staff to make our loyal clients so happy.
— CM-H, David & Bowring, Stuckeridge 10th December 2018

What a great finale to our season. Five drives which just got better and better. You have brought game shooting to a new high. The welcome was, as ever, brilliant. The birds have been sensational all season. Thank you all for giving us such great days this year. We know what this takes and are in awe of what you all do. Please thank all your teams at Challacombe, Edgcott and now Stuckeridge on behalf of our syndicate .
— SC, Stuckeridge 26th January 2019

Thank you so much for such a wonderful day’s shooting. As always, we were completely spoilt: wonderful drives in a lovely atmosphere and delicacies at very short intervals. The shoot somehow seems to get better every year - I don’t understand how you do it!
— BD, Haddeo, December 15th 2018


Last Friday I shot as a guest at Challacombe. It was one of the most enjoyable days of shooting I have ever had. I don’t think I did the birds justice, however to see birds fly that high was so special.
— DY, Guest, Challacombe, 18th January 2019
It doesn’t get better than this… your whole day was most professionally run yet retains a family inclusive feeling (not corporate) – congratulations.
— FA, Gieves & Hawkes Roving Syndicate, Challacombe 8th September 2018


A remarkable day on Saturday. It was of exceptional quality with James challenging us on each drive. My guest remarked on the stupendous reservoir drives and the natural bowl the beautiful setting provides. Tom’s cedar-cooked duck was delicious as were his endless goodies throughout the day.
— AT, Gieves & Hawkes Roving Syndicate Challacombe 8th September 2018


We all thoroughly enjoyed both our days and stays, and of course the weather! Loyton, well, what can I say? Good accommodation, excellent food, atmosphere and staff.
— PD, Gieves & Hawkes Roving Syndicate, Edgcott 24th September

You guys really run a brilliant operation and my guest and I had a lovely day. Richard and Peter and all the team looked after us so well. Lurch was a quick loader!! 
— BJ, Gieves & Hawkes Roving Syndicate, Combe Sydenham


Just to thank you for a super day at Challacombe yesterday; we had a fabulous day. Dinner and lunch from Tom was the usual delicious fare!
— DE, Challacombe 16th October


I have had the pleasure of being a guest on a number of your shoots over the years, I have always had a wonderful time. However last week was very special, two days, the first at Molland and then Challacombe and of course staying at Loyton Lodge. As you may know I’m extremely lucky and get to shoot in many wonderful places, however what separates you from the rest is you get the total package right, from the moment you arrive at Loyton to when you leave after one of Tom’s excellent lunches, not to mention some fantastic shooting.
— MR, Guest 22nd October Molland & 23rd October Challacombe


Awesome day yesterday at Combe Sydenham. Peter and the team are a class act. Drinks and lunch awesome as well.
— CO, Guest, Combe Sydenham 20th November 2018


Just a quick note to say thank you for sorting out today with your team. Excellent day all round. Tom’s cooking was exceptional last night and at lunch Linley hosted us very well. James presented a lot of excellent birds in very challenging conditions. An all round very enjoyable experience.
— CI, Challacombe 28th November


For me the big plus from both days was that the team was able to shoot at challenging high birds without having to worry about bag limits being reached, overage and truncated final drives. It makes a huge difference to the enjoyment of the day and unfortunately it is an increasingly rare experience on
many large prestige shoots.
— TB, Combe Sydenham 1st December 2018

I had a very enjoyable day on the 7th, bumping into old faces at the same time. The sun was a bit of a bugger! But that's September partridge shooting for you! Food was excellent on the day, I gave my regards to the chef. 
— JB, Gieves & Hawkes Roving Syndicate, Edgcott 7th September 2018