The single greatest pheasant drive of my life.
— Fieldsports magazine


  • 6000 acres offering a spectrum of high bird drives around the Exe valley.

  • The essence of old Exmoor with drives set along the Haddeo River.

  • Famed St Paul’s drive presents a flow of incredibly high birds, a spectacle for sportsmen and spectators.

  • Predominantly pheasant with some mixed partridge drives.

  • Lunch is often wood-oven fired, French-influenced cuisine.


Haddeo was brought to fame by the legendary Sir Edward (Ned) Goschen in the days when it was shot as ‘Pixton’ and for many years has been cited as an epitome of Exe Valley shooting. Its proximity to Loyton, set up by the late Alick Barnes in the 1960s as a low-key family affair, makes them natural partners and they have been successfully managed together since 2011. With a combined 6,000 acres, the pairing offers an outstanding spectrum of high-bird drives situated around the magnificent Exe Valley.
Covering some truly beautiful terrain, many of the drives are set along the Haddeo River and the Exe with a ford crossing at the old village of Bury - a setting both spectacular and daunting. Famous drives such as St Paul’s present a ‘leisurely’ flow of incredibly high, soaring birds seen way over the treetops. A truly unforgettable sight for spectator and sportsman alike.

Signature drives

Be prepared for Brookside, Lloyd’s, Swine’s Cleave, Beech Cover, Buckley’s and Woodcock Corner.


Haddeo gets better and better under the stewardship of Alan Floyd, who has been in the business since the age of 16 and joined Loyton in 2005.


At Haddeo most dishes are cooked by Adam Fanson, the resident Loyton Lodge chef and are a modern twist on traditional shooting lunches to involve large sharing platters and seasonal roasts. Set in The Tent at Loyton this is a thoroughly different take on a classic shooting lunch with wonderful surroundings in a magical space .